1. block reward dogecoin, r/dogecoin - [ANN] We ARE fixing the Block Rewards, and difficulty distortion from Multipools. Please be patient while we test!


    Filecoin mining revenue has three pieces: storage, retrieval, block reward, the main network line of early earnings will be mainly block reward, and the most critical factor to determine whether to get block reward is GPU, so we must pay attention to the GPU configuration parameters, which is to ensure that the bottom line of block reward.

  2. where to trade dogecoin usa, doge us


    24-hour net inflows in the top five currencies: DASH (US$105 million), LTC (US$22.12 million), TRX (US$18.56 million) GTO (US$12.26 million), BCH (US$12.26 million) $11.88 million; top five currencies for net outflows in 24 hours: BTC ($66.96 million), ETH ($53.04 million), DOGE ($5.87 million), BUT ($3.83 million), CDC ($3.44 million)

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