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    Bitfinex will go online with Dogecoin, according to the official announcement. Dogecoin will be online with MegaDogecoin, with a conversion rate of 1 million. 1 MDOGE - 0.000001 Dog Coins. MDOGE's deposit business will open at 15:30 on July 10, while trading and withdrawals will begin at 18:00 on July 10. MDOGE will trade with USD (DOG / USD), Tether (DOG / UST) and Bitcoin (DOG / BTC).

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    Clem Chambers, chief executive of investment website ADVFN, recently posted an explanation of why Bitcoin is money. He pointed out that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are an effective medium of exchange, value storage and account units. He also mentioned that Bitcoin's business hours are 24/7/365, while the banking system is not. (Cryptoglobe)

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    Billionaire MarkCuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, has only a paltry $549 worth of bitcoins after the NBA's Dallas Mavericks began accepting them in 2019, UToday reported today. Asked how much gold he owned, Cuban said he had bought some jewelry from it. Anthony Pomliano, founder of Morgan Creek, called on Cuban to take note of the fact that Bitcoin represents the most powerful computing network, which is undoubtedly of great value. But MrCuban said all miners were contractors who joined the network for compensation. If there is another technology that can make them more profitable, they may give up Bitcoin.

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    Token Gaze Researcher Tiger:At present, the RSK merge-mining growth has left its own bootstrapping phase and the stable with its hashrate accounting for more than 40% of the of. Bitcoin's hashrate, more secure than in the past. But in theory RSK is still less secured bitcoin system due to its its mechanism. So here's the question: How does Bitcoin's hashrate distribution affect the security of RSK? And how is this part of Bitcoin hashrated? Dos the RSK have anyplys against the 51% attacked by potential hashrate centralization problems?

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    Due to the wild spread of a Dogecoin challenge video on the short video platform TikTok, the price of Dogecoin increased by 50% within 24 hours. As of press time, its price is $0.042, since October 2018 The highest price. In this regard, Dogecoin Twitter warned traders not to engage in speculative activities. Dogecoin said, "Please make the right choice and don't be influenced or manipulated by others' FOMO. Be safe. Be smart."