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    IP Strategy, a package of support research and development (R-D;) funding for technology start-ups and a support program for the Knowledge Property (IP)-R-D; Strategy. Start-ups in the 4th industrial revolution, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G mobile communications, will provide centralized support to start-ups that have been in business for more than 3 years and have been in business for less than 7 years. Given the critical research and development agenda for this strategy, support funding will be increased this year to 400 million won over two years, and it is expected that intensive research and development will take place within 2 years, based on the initial IP-R?D strategy.

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    Bitcoin SV (BSV), on the other hand, experienced the largest decline in average correlation, most likely due to its off-shelf from Kraken and Coin Security trading platforms. Interestingly, the correlation between Dogecoin (DOGE) and other crypto-assets has also decreased further, but the correlation with Litecoin remains high (0.55), which may be due to the combined mining of the two currencies.

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    According to reports, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrencies dedicated to the real practical value of money. With faster block intervals and extremely low rates, Dogecoin is better suited for small payments and online shopping. Dogecoin has been used by multiple merchants, allowing consumers to easily transfer money using DOGE.

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    There are certainly more reasons why Dogecoin is so popular. Technically, Dogecoin is actually a faction with Litecoin, which is based on the Scrypt algorithm and, like Litecoin, is easier to trade than Bitcoin, and they have more numbers, with Dogecoin digging up to 100 billion, compared with 21 million bitcoins. Palmer also noted that Dogecoin is not like Bitcoin, where people don't get involved just for the sake of speculation, which is a way of sharing and thanking.