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    Cloud computing power mobile phone mining is a low-cost, low-risk, low-cost mining method. Cloud computing power mining investment threshold is low, high investment efficiency, can achieve one second put into production easy mining, compared to mining machine mining, as long as you can operate mobile phone orders, can be said to be mobile phone mining, zero threshold mining.

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    The mine pool and the cloud computing platform are also actively working together to reduce the intermediate cost of mining by cloud computing miners, and strive to enable miners to continue mining. Reducing the cost and threshold of cloud computational power mining is conducive to attracting more new forces into the mining circle. Power bee in this regard to the industry to do a model, the first time to issue a notice: exempt from management fees at the same time discounted electricity charges, new users will now enter the mining will save more than usual intermediate costs, the temptation is still very large.

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    There have also been some interesting developments in mining agreements, particularly those used by members of the mining pool. Although the issue of centrality in Bitcoin mining is often exaggerated, there is a power structure retained by mining pool operators that can be further dispersed.

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    Dear CoinW Users: CoinW will launch the DOGE Leverage on July 8 at 15:00 p.m., when we will simultaneously launch the DOGE Launch Event. During the event, users participating in DOGE leveraged trading will be entitled to a 50% discount transaction fee. Details of the event are as follows: July 8th 1st.

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    The current 5 major creation mining pools have assembled a hashrate of about 700P, but after the testnet goes online, they can't accommodate that much, and they will gradually open up later. There are currently about 3 supercomputing mining pools, and one is preparing to compete to become a supercomputing mining pool. As far as I know, there are about 7 supercomputing mining pools, which have amassed about 300P of computing power.