1. dogecoin qt json rpc server not bitcoin, Debian packages in testing, but not stable or stable-backports.


    RPC port accepts requests in JSON-RPC format, the format is more intuitive and clear, USRL, JavaScript, Python, Go and other languages can assemble JSON format requests, sent to nodes to process. Of course, when sending a transaction, the transaction signature is implemented on the client side. It should be noted that RPC connection does not do certificate verification, and network transmission default is clear text, security is relatively low, it is recommended to monitor only intranet ports, for monitoring, operation management, status query and other internal workflow. Currently monitoring scripts, blockchain browsers are connected to RPC ports.

  2. making a dogecoin address, doge dogecoin


    The Price of the Dogecoin, which has been flat and moderately volatile since last week, fell to $0.00252. In addition, doge/USD has been flat against the US dollar for the past 20 days, with the exception of candlesticks, which caused candlelight to fall to a low of $0.00209 for that period.