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    Cryptocurrencies compensation service Bitwage has teamed up with ConsultaBit to create a new partnership to provide customers with an average calculator of the cost of Bitcoin dollars. The new calculator allows customers to select time ranges, investment amounts, and frequency intervals to determine the ROI (investment return) and BTC based on the dollar amount invested. (CryptoGlobe)

  2. how to make dogecoin wallet address?


    Brian Armstrong, coinbase's chief executive, has been granted an invention patent that allows users to send Bitcoin via email. The patent was filed in March 2015 and approved on Tuesday. The system allows users to make cryptocurrencies payments using an email address linked to the appropriate wallet address. The sender requests that cryptocurrencies be sent to the e-mail address, and the agreed amounts (as long as they have sufficient balance) are automatically sent from the sender's wallet to the wallet corresponding to the recipient's e-mail address.