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    In fact, since the release of Bitcoin, various virtual currencies have sprung up. In addition to Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, Monroe and other major currencies, the digital currency website Coinmarketcap on the existing currency has 1476 kinds, all kinds of odd coins. The most famous are dog coins (Dogecoin, now ranked 39), and fak coins (yes, that's the F-word you want), Marlego coins, and so on.

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    Gavin Andresen was invited as a core developer of Bitcoin in 2010. To get Bitcoin flowing, Gavin Andresen founded the Bitcoin Faucet website in 2010, making it free for each visitor. After Mr. Masomoto retired, Mr. Masomoto handed over the Bitcoin Core code to Gavin Andresen. The 2017 Bitcoin expansion battle in which Gavin Andresen supported a large chunk version of Bitcoin Classic, and who is the real Mr. Aoben, has lost community trust.