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    In April, Bitland released the Ant-Mine E3 for ETH. Before the introduction of the Ant Miner E3, ETH did not have an exclusive ASIC chip, miners can only use GPU mining, Ether mining boom makes AMD, Nvidia GPU in the market in short supply, price surge. After its launch, AMD and Nvidia's markets were hit, causing share prices to fall.

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    According to Robinhood, a commission-free trading platform, the platform is now available online at ETC. Previously, the Robinhood platform supported BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE and ETC transactions.

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    Mining: Coin Printing, Fish Pond, BTC, Ant Mine Pool, ViaBTC, Fire Coin Pool, Bitcoin, Caiyun Bit, Genesis Mining, Bit Deer, Niu Bit, Panda Mine Machine, Zhijian Core Cloud, InfPool, Lite Mineral Pool, Chi Mining University, Computing Power 360.

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    April 28th, according to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring shows that EOS/ETH/TRON three mainstream public chain platform Dapp Eco in the past week added more than zero users of Dapp684 models, of which more than 10,000 new users There are 5 models: EOS GLOBAL (98579), Fishing Master (16299), TRON Hi-Lo (16288), Win.town (16279), Tron Solo (10259)

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    Now, given how YouTube recommends videos based on past search history, the giveaway scam naturally lists viewing suggestions, and if you're the one who's doing a lot of encryption-related searches on YouTube, you'll encounter at least one of them in the first three lines.