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    Dog coin (Dogecoin), dog coin was born in 2013, based on Scrypt encryption algorithm mining, dog money and Bitcoin is mainly based on the United States tip culture, dog coin distribution fair, charity, reward culture is popular, the rapid development of users. The total amount of dog money is about 100 billion.

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    The WBO World Blockchain Organization Digital Mining Alliance is the focus of incubation, in the cloud, Gui, Sichuan, Fujian, Inner Mongolia and other places to build eight major mines, layout of 300,000 mining machines, strong, operating norms. Be a leader among many cloud computing platforms. Choosing to mine arithmetic bees can make people more worry-free.

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    Last week's latest wave was nothing more than a strong recovery in dog money (DOGE). DOGE rose more than 50% in a single day due to calls from users on the overseas version of the platform to buy DOGE and the video was widely distributed

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    According to BKEX Global announcement, BKEX Global Leveraged ETP Zone will be launched on July 8, 2020 at 15:00 (UTC-8) DOGE3L (DOGE triple long), DOGE3S (DOGE triple short)

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    The leek cheerfully bought countless DogeCoins at a few cents or a cent yuan unit price, waiting for Chinese New Year's Eveemp eatenChinese New Year's Eve sitting on the sofa and talking to family and friends for a few more hours I was the king of the universe, the dealer said: I am not against you, I mean everyone here is spicy (jiu) chicken (cai)