1. dogecoin good long term investment, Dogecoin is Likely to Lure Massive Returns in this Year


    In cryptocurrencies investment, to make money is Wang Dao, is the so-called white cat black cat as long as can catch mice is a good cat is reasonable. The price of crypto assets fluctuates so much that it's no surprise to double or cut back on a day. Long-term is not necessarily the best good strategy, correspondingly, the short-term is not necessarily a little bit of investment strategy.

  2. dogecoin market value, Dogecoin's market value soars 400% in a week


    There are certainly more reasons why Dogecoin is so popular. Technically, Dogecoin is actually a faction with Litecoin, which is based on the Scrypt algorithm and, like Litecoin, is easier to trade than Bitcoin, and they have more numbers, with Dogecoin digging up to 100 billion, compared with 21 million bitcoins. Palmer also noted that Dogecoin is not like Bitcoin, where people don't get involved just for the sake of speculation, which is a way of sharing and thanking.