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    In 2013, the Dogewallet wallet platform was hacked and millions of coins were stolen. Since then, the Dogecoin community has started a fundraiser called SaveDogemas, which eventually raised the same amount of stolen dog money within a month of the cyber theft.

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    The principle of EURS distribution is similar to that of the USDT anchored to the dollar, with the user giving STASIS 1 euro and STASIS giving the user 1 EURS, and when the user returns 1 EURS, STASIS returns 1 euro to the user. Since the two are exchanged at 1:1 and the price of the French currency is relatively stable, it can be used to avoid the transfer of funds for the currency when the price fluctuates.

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    CZZ uses the same elliptic curve as LTC/DOGE, Sept256k1, which CZZ uses to achieve de-centralization entanglement. First, CZZ will publish the entangled addresses on the DOGE and LTC networks, which can only be managed in a centralized multi-signature manner because the DOGE and LTC networks are not controlled. However, these two addresses are public and transactions in both addresses are readily available.