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    Therefore, hope that through mining investment digital currency friends, it is recommended that you still choose to buy a professional mining machine, choose a reliable stable point of the mine, because this can ensure the stability of mining income! Mobile mining, you don't care about anything, automatic mining, say simple point, you just need to choose a mine, choose a platform with a mining machine, the mine is a platform out, management and maintenance, are mine in doing, you just need to download a mining software on them, and then buy the calculation of the mine machine to dig.

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    The so-called mobile phone mining, not with mobile phone plug mining, but cloud computing power mining, mobile phone download APP control mine machine, because they do not have a mine, no mining machine, you can only choose a platform with a mine, directly download their software, download mobile phone software, directly purchase the computing power of the mine machine can be dug, very convenient? No need to manage yourself, nothing to worry about, every day your machine digs bitcoins into your account.

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    "Currently, the main focus of the SOLO business development team is to make SOLO listed on a variety of global exchanges outside of CoinField. Over the past few months, the team has conducted extensive research on more than 100 different exchanges in different countries, and negotiations have begun. Soon, we should see SOLO listed on different exchanges in turn. In addition to targeting major cryptocurrency exchanges, the strategy includes listing SOLO on local exchanges in each region so that users from all corners of the world can trade SOLO. Sologenic co-creator Bob Ras said.