1. governance structure of dogecoin, Cardano News Today - Governance on the Cardano Will Become More Complex As the Network Expands - Frederik Gregaard - October 3rd, 2020


    In short, a perfectly developed, secure voting structure and a liquid MKR market should have only two options: keep MKR tokens under constant governance in the voting structure, or turn them into Dai. But the governance structure will never perfectly meet the standards of all holders, and some MKR will be stored in the wallet.

  2. dogecoin wallet solo dig, Choose a wallet to receive Dogecoin


    Chain.info Li Wei: First carry out vertical excavation, the exchange address information first try to dig up, and then through wallet characteristics or other ways to analyze the hot wallet, we first determine that it is a hot wallet, and then we can dig back to find cold wallet. In general, it is carried out in the order of vertical excavation - forward excavation - back excavation.