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    Centered wallets are roughly divided into two types, one is an exchange wallet, the other is also an online wallet, unlike the online wallet in the light wallet, the centered online wallet although roughly the same as the light wallet in the online wallet, but the centered wallet website will help you keep the private key, the risk is higher.

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    Smartphone developer HTC will support binance Chain through a special edition of its blockchain phone, EXODUS 1. HTC announced today that the EXODUS 1 coin security version will integrate the coin security chain with the device's local Zion Vault wallet application. Users will be able to access Binance DEX directly from the phone.

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    Dog Coin (DOGE) icon Dogecoin was born out of a tweet, a joke. In 2013, dog dog image was so popular that Palmer, a flat-shooting and marketing expert at Adobe Sydney and a cryptocurrencies researcher, tweeted semi-jokingly, "Invest in Dogecoin, this is the next big opportunity." After the tweet, there was a lot of support, and Palmer was very effective in buying the domain name dogecoin a week later. Meanwhile, in another part of the globe, Markus, a programmer in Brandt, has been trying to create a cryptocurrencies. Markus came across the site and contacted Palmer for help. Before Palmer replied, he set out to transform the source code of Bitcoin, adding elements to Doge Mene. Palmer quickly replied to Markus, and the two clapped together. Eventually, dogecoin was born more than a week after the half-joking tweet. Dogecoin was born and developed so smoothly that it can even be described as hot. For Dogecoin itself, there are two main reasons for the boom: First, Dogecoin brings its own social attributes. On social networking sites such as Reddit, Dogecoin's content was very popular before it was born. When Dogecoin was born, it was greatly assisted by sites like Reddit. Dogecoin has far more attention on social networking sites than Bitcoin, Litecoin and other shanzhai coins. Second, Dogecoin's tip and charitable culture are recognized. Dogecoin advocates a tip culture, which has been used by many people for activities such as rewards in just one week, showing the level of recognition of its tip culture. Dogecoin is also more recognized in terms of philanthropy, and its charitable support is already extensive.

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    Dear CoinW Users: CoinW will launch the DOGE Leverage on July 8 at 15:00 p.m., when we will simultaneously launch the DOGE Launch Event. During the event, users participating in DOGE leveraged trading will be entitled to a 50% discount transaction fee. Details of the event are as follows: July 8th 1st.

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    According to official news, the world's top 10 exchanges IDAX online and offline linkage to help dog money ecological construction, July 11 officially launched dog coins, open DOGE / USDT trading pairs, in the Aurora module for a limited time to snap up, 48 hours without breaking, and set up a million DOGE airdrot gift (top-up 2 million DOGE, trading 4 million DOGE, trading return 100% handling fee). The partnership will build digital currency scenarios, value management, marketing and community activity to enhance the industry's impact and competitiveness.