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    Step 4: Now that our command-line window (miner) is ready, all we need to do is enter the command: "ccminer-o stratum-tcp://goldenhillpool:1212-u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS-p x". You must replace your actual XNB wallet address with "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS"

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    Second, U.S. government regulation. Although there is currently no clear regulation of mine pool mining, the new regulations may touch the pool mining. Once the regulation requires authentication, i.e. the mine pool requires the miners to provide personal information, the miners will lose a lot of money. Given the measures taken against online companies in U.S. history, I think it would be prudent to move corporate legal entities to other countries.

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    Due to the wild spread of a Dogecoin challenge video on the short video platform TikTok, the price of Dogecoin increased by 50% within 24 hours. As of press time, its price is $0.042, since October 2018 The highest price. In this regard, Dogecoin Twitter warned traders not to engage in speculative activities. Dogecoin said, "Please make the right choice and don't be influenced or manipulated by others' FOMO. Be safe. Be smart."