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    But it's interesting to note that Ethereum's computing power has not grown much over the past year, and you know, Bitcoin's computing power can double. That is to say, the cake has grown bigger, but the number of competitors has not changed, perhaps for the simple reason that, first, many graphics cards are gradually withdrawn from mining as the DAG files of Ethereum 4G graphics cards approach 4G. Second, Ethereum mine chip is mainly GPU, and GPU production capacity is not only insufficient, but also not necessarily can be used to mine, with the Spark mine pool Qiu Xiaodong said, the market can not buy second-hand graphics card and the right price of the new card, that is, the miners layout of the new mine machine is not easy.

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    Dear Users: Newton Exchange will launch the first round of DOGE IO public subscription on November 03, the specific subscription information is as follows: "Currency Introduction" token full name: Dog Coin Dogecoin Token Short: DOGE Subscription Total: 106,500,000 DOGE Subscription Ratio: 1NT-355 DOGE Limit Quantity: Unlimited Subscription Time: November 03 16:00 - November 04 16:00 (UTC 8) Note: All subscribed coins are locked for subsequent unsealed unlock trading releases.

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    These protocols can be broadly divided into two categories, one is the updateable global Trusted-setup, and the other is Transparent-Setup. There are many protocols for the first type of Trusted-setup, such as Sonic, PLONK, and Marlin. And the zkSTARK and Bulletproof we often see are in the second category of Transparent-Setup, and some people may not have heard of it, such as Ligero, Virgo, Hyrax.

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    Restaurants in Maryland accept e-money dogecoin, MyFoxDC reported. Iron Rail Restaurant in Mount Savage, Maryland, officially accepts Dogecoin. Owner Terry Ii says the use of dogecoin has benefited restaurants, including the need not to pay for credit cards.

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    The D'CENT biometric wallet now fully supports cryptocurrencies tokens for the Tron and Dogecoin ecosystems. In August, D'CENT announced that it had added support for TRC and Dogecoin tokens in its biometric wallet. The latest firmware version of the D'CENT biometric wallet has updated support.