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    The other direction I think is the hardware wallet, the core feature of this field is de-centric, de-centric business core around the past point is its entrance, the private key is the only credential of his identity. Personal wallet just happens to be the manager of the private key, in many forms of personal wallet, I think the hardware wallet is relatively fast entrance, more convenient to operate.

  2. dogecoin core private key, dogecoin core private key


    June 26 News A private key commissioned by Mr. Tsung-chung to several Bitcoin developers may be made public. The private key is used to activate the so-called "alarm system" of the Bitcoin protocol, which is used to warn people running the software to keep money safe. Core removed the system from the new code in 2016, and now Core contributor Bryan Bishop plans to publish it. He is considering releasing the private key in early July, but it has not yet been finalized. (Coindesk)