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    Musk is a name that is very interested in cryptocurrencies. Musk, the founder of PayPal and familiar with digital payments, previously announced that he owns 0.25 BTC and gets it from friends. At the same time, Tesla's chief executive is more concerned with dog money than Bitcoin. Last year, Musk announced that his favorite cryptocurrencies was Dogecoin. After the announcement, even Musk added "Dogecoin CEO" to his profile.

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    Chain news, according to slow fog zone security intelligence, the attacker flyikite, gy2dgqge used Big Game's november 5 release of the pay-as-you-go CPU feature to maliciously mine EIDOS, and the attacker maliciously used Big Game's CPU resources by adding mining operations to the transfer notification. The CPU of the Big Game wallet.bg account has been swiped.

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    Back in February, Dogecoin developers made the controversial decision that Dogecoin's total supply was not capped. Instead, they decided to stick to the original plan and allow an annual inflation rate of 5%. This is achieved from time to time with a 10,000 Dogecoin reward per block.