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    According to bitcoin, Nigeria's French currency, the naira, is volatile and devalued, which has caused great uncertainty in foreign trade, with more people using Bitcoin to replace the naira for payments. One parts trader said he traded the naira in bitcoins and then in yuan faster. If he goes through the normal banking channels, he will be charged a huge fee and will have to wait a week.

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    And this comeback, in addition to the original Naira, 3M plans to explore Bitcoin as a new payment method. Given the recent upward trend in the price of Bitcoin, 3M is committed to the benefits of participants other than a "30% monthly average return". Once the price of the coin falls, 3M promises that the bitcoins in the hands of participants can be converted to naira.

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    Dog Coin, which was born in 2014 for crypto-coin enthusiast entertainment, has gained a lot of support among digital currency users and now has a market capitalisation of nearly $740 million, ranking 33rd. A group of developers plans to launch a Dogecoin fork called Dogethereum (DOGX) by the end of 2018. Project side said that at present does not consider the ICO, hard fork will allow the holder to get a corresponding ratio.