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    For backups of large objects, backups take up more storage space and take longer to back up and recover. Different business scenarios have different ways of dealing with this problem. For example, only back up the necessary recovery information, combined with the latest data to restore, and for example, full backup and incremental backup combination, low frequency full backup, high frequency incremental backup, the combination of the two to do recovery, when we need to restore to a certain point in time backup, if this point in time to do full backup, we take it directly to restore it. If there is no corresponding full backup at this point in time, we first find the most recent full backup, then use it to recover, and then perform all incremental backups between this full backup and this point in time, that is, the corresponding operation or data changes. This reduces the number and frequency of full backups and the consumption of time and memory. A COMBINATION of AOF and RDB similar to Redis persistence scenarios.

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    Satowallet's chief executive said at the time that the inability to access all eight of its servers (wallet nodes, applications and web) was down. After contacting the OVH data center used by Satowallet, Satowallet managed to recover the website and application through code backup. However, after installation, no tokens exist in the backup and private key.

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    Authy is another popular 2FA application that can be applied to multiple devices. You can add as many accounts as you want, and your application also has a primary backup. For example, if Authy is used for 10 accounts and the mobile device is corrupted, the owner can recover all 10 account 2FA codes using the primary backup. Even with the primary device, it is still a good idea to save the backup code in order to restore the 2FA account settings separately. Authy is available for iOS and Android devices and the app is free.

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    Dogecoin may be the least likely success story for cryptocurrencies, but the ultimate success is the inevitable result of the enthusiasm of the user community. It started out as a cryptocurrencies joke, a token based on Japanese Shiba Inu memes. The "Dogecoin - very currency - many coin - wow - v1.1" announcement was posted on the Bitcoin Talk forum and now regularly appears in the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

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    Haseeb Qureshi is a former professional player and software engineer. He started playing online poker at the age of 16 with $50, and a year later made $100,000 from poker. By the age of 19, he had become a world-renowned professional poker player, received numerous sponsorships and became a millionaire. At the age of 21, he left professional card and never played poker again. At the age of 25, he because of his interest in computers, he began to learn software, and from then on he embarked on the path of programming and technology investment.

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    DOGecoin, Chinese dog coin, was born on December 8, 2013 by Australian Jackson Palmer and American Billy Markus. Dogecoin is based on the Scrypt algorithm and has a transaction confirmation time of 1 minute, which is faster than Bitcoin. Based on the advantages of large circulation, appropriate inflation and high liquidity, DOGE is more suitable for payment, and through accurate positioning, it became the second most popular tip electronic currency on the U.S. Internet 1 week after it was launched.