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    Keystore is not a private key, it is a string of code, its essence is encrypted private key, Keystore must be used with wallet password. Purpose: When importing your wallet, select your official wallet, enter your keystore and password, and you'll be able to enter your wallet. It should be noted that this is not the same as importing a wallet with a private key or monemone, importing a wallet with a private key or monemone, you do not need to know the original password, you can directly reset the password.

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    Overall, the correlation between the volume of transactions on the chain, the top 10 and the overall market value is still quite large. Bitcoin is an absolutely strong presence, and even if Ethereum brags much about becoming a global settlement layer, Bitcoin's absolute dominance is unshakable in this data. PoS-type items may be easily moved forward due to low transaction costs. The main trading volume rankings are: DCR/DOGE/BAT/KNC/SNT/XVG, etc.