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    According to Cryptovest, the new mining machine Antminer Z9 on the mainland has raised further concerns in the industry about digital currencies that are not opposed to ASIC mining. This technology allows for further central control of POW on the Bithy continent. Pre-orders for the new Antminer Z9 came online two days ago and are expected to ship in early September 2018. The mine will replace the Antiminer Z9 mini, which will go on sale in May.

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    Using cryptocurrencies to fund your PlayAmo casino is easy and quick. Six different digital tokens are supported, including Tether, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Deposits are free and immediate, with a low minimum and no ceiling. Withdrawals are free and fast, but unlike deposits, they have minimum and maximum limits.

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    Dear Users: Newton Exchange will launch the first round of DOGE IO public subscription on November 03, the specific subscription information is as follows: "Currency Introduction" token full name: Dog Coin Dogecoin Token Short: DOGE Subscription Total: 106,500,000 DOGE Subscription Ratio: 1NT-355 DOGE Limit Quantity: Unlimited Subscription Time: November 03 16:00 - November 04 16:00 (UTC 8) Note: All subscribed coins are locked for subsequent unsealed unlock trading releases.