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    Dogecoin's official Twitter feed warned traders not to speculate. The news comes after the price of Dogecoin rose 50 per cent in 24 hours to $0.042, its highest price since October 2018, as a result of the frenzied spread of a video of the DogCoin challenge on short video platform TikTok. In response, Dogecoin said, "Please make the right choice and not be influenced or manipulated by someone else's FOMO." Be aware of safety. Be smart. "

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    A paper wallet can be considered the ultimate cold wallet because it will never be able to access the Internet (because it is paper). The paper wallet itself is a document (physical, not stored on a computer) that contains all the data of the encryption fund -- including the private key and the encrypted address.

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    But what should the wallet app do if the user imports less than 32 bytes of private key? Some wallet apps, such as imToken, simply reject this malformed data and prompt the user to enter an invalid private key. There are also wallets (such as the case below) that help users fill in 0/truncate into 32 bytes in the background and successfully import the modified private key to force consensus.