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    If the transaction fee given by the user when sending the transaction is too low, the transaction is often stuck (miners do not consider processing), which can cause problems because the unspent output (UTXOs) in these transactions can be difficult to use and may result in the freezing of funds. Proper transaction fees are difficult to calculate because they are highly dependent on the volume of the transaction and the given time. As a result, users often underestimate transaction fees, resulting in many transactions being stuck, or overestimating transaction fees, resulting in large and unnecessary overpayments.

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    The cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH / USD) trade at 181. Cryptocurrency quotes trade below the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates a bullish trend in Ethereum. Currently, cryptocurrencies are moving near the lower border of the Lyn belt indicator bar. Ethereum (ETH/ USD) forecasting and analysis is part of the November 2, 2019.