1. where to buy physical dogecoin, e coin dogecoin


    Physical gold is the physical gold bar trading, you buy physical gold in gold shops, banks, gold companies, characterized by the role of preservation and appreciation, can resist inflation, the trend of gold is certainly rising, but you buy physical gold bars on the loss of investment significance, return is particularly slow, may be a few years or more to let you earn.

  2. dogecoin importing blocks from disk, Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.


    PoC's core concept is to take advantage of the computer's hard disk space rather than CPU computing power: the larger the hard disk's capacity, the more mining estimated scenarios that can be stored on the hard drive, the more chance miners have of matching the hash values they need. Simply put, it is through some established algorithm to produce a large number of pseudo-random numbers, and these random numbers into the hard disk, in the competition for package blocks, only need to sweep the disk, randomly match to package blocks.