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On the next page, you can import your existing ONT wallet in any way you want, including private key (WIF format), Keystore (.dat), mmonoties, private key (64 Hex format), and so on.

Import private key into wallet (import private key to wallet) 31.

Import the wallet through the private key.

Import the wallet through the private key.

Re-create the wallet and import the private key, where only the encrypted coins on the corresponding address of the private key can be recovered.

Copy the EOS clear text private key to the input box, set the wallet name (custom) and fund password, click the Import Wallet button, and the wallet will be successfully recovered.

Enter EOS private key to import EOS wallet

Enter EOS private key to import EOS wallet

Import private key: Generate a multi-chain multi-account wallet, or a single-chain single account wallet, by importing the private key.

Deploy smart contracts with MeteMask and select Private Key Import (MeteMask requires the user to install it, the private key you enter is used only in the browser, and the Hashgard system does not hold the user's private key and mn notes)

Based on the Bitcoin Improve Proposal32/BIP39/BIP44 standard implementation, The Deterministic Wallet maintains n multi-private keys through a common seed, which uses an irreversible hash algorithm to back up only the private key of the wallet when it is needed Just (in most cases, the seeds generate monemone through BIP44, easy to copy), in support of BIP32, BIP39, BIP44 standard wallet only need to import monemone can import all the private key, as shown in the figure below seed derived key determinism wallet.

You have the private key, with other wallets to import the private key is OK, of course, you use core wallet is OK.

B:keystore belongs to the encrypted private key, and wallet password is very related, wallet password modification, keystore will also change accordingly, in the keystore import wallet, you need to enter a password, this password is to back up keystore wallet password, is the original set of this wallet password, and later password modification, this is not related to the use of private key or mn how to import wallet, with private key or mnounc import wallet, do not need to know the original password, Reset your password directly.

Click Vault New Import Text and paste the private key into the correct field.

PS: If you have already created a wallet and backed up your private key, you can complete the import and restore the original wallet and assets in your wallet by clicking on "Import" in the upper right corner of the wallet creation page.

Import import_key key through the computer, followed by two parameters, one is the yoyow account name, the other is the private key (here is the import of your YOYOW wallet funds key)

The VNT browser web wallet fixes an issue with some browsers that cannot import the private key.

Click on the "plus" number again to select the import EOS account, enter the private key to import. Both the Active private key and the Owner private key are available, but the Active private key is recommended.

Trusted wallets such as EOS-Voter desktop wallets. For mobile devices, download the Lynx wallet and import your private key in it when prompted. You can now also download the Same Desktop Wallet and import the private key in it to create an identity in Thess. Import Thest.

Step: Import a watchable wallet backup that doesn't contain a private key into the Armory client of your online computer.

The rate is due to the need to import the private key during the public key mapping process, resulting in the disclosure of the private key and the theft of the wallet.