can dogecoin be worth as much as bitcoin, r/dogecoin - Realistically, could dogecoin ever be worth as much as bitcoin?


At the time he lost his hard drive, the price of Bitcoin was $17,000. In other words, the hard drive was worth as much as $120 million.

Bobby Lee, co-founder of Bitcoin China, tweeted that Bitcoin is a true free currency. In the long run, Bitcoin will be worth more than gold. Earlier this morning, Mr. Li tweeted that in this bear market in Bitcoin, it's worth reminding that bitcoin is still worth only one percent of the value of gold: $80 billion VS 8 trillion. Today, gold is worth 100 times as much as Bitcoin! But he cautioned a focus on the rate and the rise in the value of Bitcoin in 10-20 years.

can machine learning be introduced as much as possible.

can machine learning be introduced as much as possible.

As the media had previously reported, he explained to Brian Rose of Real Bank in London that the currency was not worth as much as Bitcoin. "No other cryptocurrencies can do what Bitcoin hasn't done or can do soon, " says Keizer. "

How much is Bitcoin worth? How valuable can cryptocurrencies be? Buffett's answer to this is far-sighted.

Satoshis can be even less productive if you buy a lot. A million dollars of housing costs more than $14 billion. If Bitcoin is worth many times as much as it is today, Satoshis may become more helpful. However, Bitcoin is unlikely to be consistent with a particular price range, which makes the way value is allocated as intuitive as we are used to.

A good currency, must have a good cultural background, in the background of tip culture, dog coin as an electronic currency, was born on December 12, 2013, Bitcoin is now relatively high price, so cheaper Dogecoin is popular. Just a week after it went online, it became the second-largest tip currency. They're hoping that Facebook will accept Dogecoin so that your friends can not only like it, but also give you a tip by the way. Palmer also notes that Dogecoin is not like Bitcoin, where people don't get involved for the sake of speculation, a way of expressing sharing and gratitude.

In fact, it can be predicted that protocols related to larger application categories such as commerce and social networking will create a decentralized local economy of more than $100 trillion, with tokens worth much more than any blockchain layer, including Bitcoin.

The winning quota can be as much as possible

The winning quota can be as much as possible

At that time, people think of Bitcoin as a gydes game, most people did not expect the future of Bitcoin will be so worth, the person who paid for bitcoin pizza in the Bitcoin forum posted a very clear: "I just want to know whether Bitcoin can buy things, how much." "

But in fact, as a de-centralized point-to-point electronic currency, Bitcoin is worth much more than speculation and arbitrage. As electronic cash, Bitcoin allows value to flow around the world without geographical, time and banking restrictions, which is where bitcoin really is worth.

Bitcoin is very familiar to everyone, because the price of Bitcoin is very expensive, so many people have been exploring why Bitcoin can be worth so much money, in fact, today we can tell you that Bitcoin can be worth so much money and his so-called concept is completely uninsperted bitcoin price dependence is.

It's worth noting that the price of Bitcoin will fluctuate as much as it did in July, given the two upcoming hard forks, Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x.

The trader believes that XTZ should be worth as much as Ethereum (ETH), which trades at about ETH. 100 times more.

Assuming Bitcoin succeeds, how much can it be worth? Let's take a look at the specific application of Bitcoin. Here are three commonly discussed applications.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies exchange, was reportedly hacked sometime in August 2016, and the attackers lost a total of 120,000 bitcoins. At the time, bitcoins stolen from exchanges would have been worth about $72 million. But these same bitcoins will now be worth as much as $1 billion.

In my opinion, things on the chain should be worth as much as gold, otherwise it is meaningless and we don't need that much throughput. For most scenarios, the data volume base may not be so large, and after processing, can be chained information is not so much, more classic technology can better support trading needs.