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Samu, DogeCoin's great follower, shares his view on how Dogecoin has a chance to explode with higher numbers if leading news portals try to quell news that Elon Musk is CEO of DogeCoin.

He referred to the "former CEO" as Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "Dogecoin is probably my favorite cryptocurrencies," Musk said in a tweet last April. He later changed his profile to Dogecoin CEO and immediately to Dogecoin's "former" CEO.

Human yearning and exploration of the moon has never stopped, as early as before the "Apollo" landing on the moon, China has pinned people's hopes for the moon, the first to use "ideas" to the moon.

FireCoin Global Station announced the opening of Dogecoin (DOGE) recharge operations today at 9:00 pm, doGE/USDT at 17:00 pm, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/ETH transactions, simultaneous opening of Dogecoin (DOGE) withdrawal business.

It became the first human probe to make a soft landing on the back of the moon, and the first time that the back of the moon communicated with a ground station via a relay satellite.

It was a landmark achievement when the Chang'e-4 landed on the back of a moon that humans had never been before. China's manned moon landing is also being prepared to build a lunar base and develop and utilize lunar resources.

Dogecoin Mining Dogecoin Dogecoin

Dogecoin Mining Dogecoin Dogecoin

The day's flight will take a soft landing to the Antarctic-Aitken Basin on the back of the moon, completing the first soft landing on the back of the moon by a human probe. The exploration will provide us with first-hand data and clues on the evolution of the moon, Earth and solar system, and will enrich the database of data from the planned launch of the Chang'e-5.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is committed to becoming a cryptocurrencies of real practical value like a currency. Dogecoin is now the second most popular "tip electronic currency" on the U.S. Internet

On January 3, 2019, at 10:26 a.m., the Chang'e-4 probe successfully landed at the von Carmen impact crater on the back of the moon and sent back the world's first close-up image of the moon's back through the "Bridge" relay star, revealing the mystery of the moon's back. The mission enabled the first soft landing of a human probe, the first relay communication between the back of the moon and the Earth, and opened a new chapter in human lunar exploration. The Chang'e-4 mission team has been awarded the Royal Aeronautical Society's 2019 Team of the Year Gold Award and the Moon Village Association's Outstanding Lunar Mission Award. On the road of scientific and technological innovation, China is taking an increasingly open attitude with the world.

Dogecoin price.

Dogecoin price.

Jack Palmer, founder of Dogecoin, recently said institutional investors could cut back on encryption space, bitcoinexchangeguide reported on November 6. Palmer argues that it is unhealthy for members of the encryption community to be too obsessed with the involvement of traditional financial service providers.

Ten years ago, Xue's classmates in the lab next door have now made remarkable achievements , sending the world's first close-up image of the moon back to Earth.

dogecoin back to the moon

dogecoin back to the moon

I've never traded $XTZ before, but now it's back above the moon and it looks like it's continuing to rise.

Xiaomi moon cake gift box theme is "explore the moon", and strive to do black technology. White rice rabbit, changed into silver and white space suit, moon cake filling called "gravity flow heart", moon cake skin called "the back of the moon." You say Xiaomi will one day build a cell phone that can be used in space?

CoinDesk's Markets Daily returns your latest encrypted news digest as Bitcoin has returned to the back of the DeFi boom and data platforms for the moon have s here.

Cryptoraing expects Dogecoin to cost $0.003,520, which means a 38.42% increase

Dogecoin is fully integrated and available on BitPanda. to trade.

The plan to fly around the moon is relatively simple, as is the case with a lunar launch mission: launch - into Earth orbit - launch the engine to the moon, use the moon's gravity to fly back, and then land again. But the exact path has yet to be determined, and Musk has his own ideas.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted a Meme-based tweet to promote Dogecoin (DOGE) again. This is the second time that Musk has implicitly supported Dogecoin after Musk posted his "favorite coin" on Twitter in the summer of 2019. (Bitcoinist)

Dogecoin explodes in TikTok, price jumps 20%

Technically, Dogecoin is actually a faction with Litecoin, which is based on the Scrypt algorithm and, like Litecoin, is easier to trade than Bitcoin, and they have more numbers, with Dogecoin digging up to 100 billion, compared with 21 million bitcoins.

According to reports, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrencies dedicated to the real practical value of money. With faster block intervals and extremely low rates, Dogecoin is better suited for small payments and online shopping. Dogecoin has been used by multiple merchants, allowing consumers to easily transfer money using DOGE.

From the front to the back of the moon, it may seem like a short step, but behind it are countless Chinese "star pickers" long and difficult claims.

To the Moon.

To the Moon.

The moon fire water, five children move alone, the moon breaks and is turned back, today by the sun arch is not serious; tomorrow by the moon, ek, back, the price of the currency will fall; but don't worry too much, belong to the step back, not the kind of big fall, no Friends on the bus, can hang up near the 9960 entry, take profit 10300, stop loss 9800;

There's even a rocket sign and dog coin slogan "Go to the moon!" in the back of the car's rear tire. "