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Official MXC Matcha Leveraged ETF, as of 10:30 on August 11, BTC's long-short position ratio was 12.5:1, DOT was 0.7:1 and BCH was 15.7:1 BSV is 17.9:1, DASH is 7.9:1, ZEC is 66.7:1, LTC is 1.2:1, ETH is 0.8:1, E OS is 6.9:1, OKB is 65.3:1, HT is 579.3:1, BNB is 11.1:1, ATOM is 1.3:1, LINK 0.1:1, ALGO 1.3:1, XTZ 144.2:1, VET 0.05:1, DOGE 309.5:1.

In the above model, participating in the PPS model requires a higher handling fee than PPLNS because the mine pool assumes a higher risk of volatility.

In October 2014, the BTCC mine pool was officially launched, known as the "national pool" in the circle, operating in a PPS manner, and the maximum computing power of the BTCC mine pool in the later stages accounted for 15% of the whole network.

For nodes with weight C, the weight value of the node is reduced by 1 per burning min (125000/r_d, 4.5/r_l) and the weight value of any section ignited coin must not be less than 1. Here, r_d is CZZ's entanglement ratio to DOGE, r_l is CZZ's entanglement ratio to LTC.

Official MXC Matcha Leveraged ETF, as of 10:00 on August 12, BTC's long-short position ratio was 11.4:1, DOT was 0.2:1, BCH was 1.5:1, BSV was 23.1:1, DASH 7.9:1 and ZEC was 72.2:1, LTC is 0.6:1, ETH is 2.2:1, EOS is 7.5:1, OKB is 59.5:1, HT is 958:1, BNB is 1.1:1, ATOM is 1.1. :1, LINK is 0.1:1, ALGO is 1.5:1, XTZ is 29.3:1, VET is 0.06:1, DOGE is 390.7:1.

Bitteland is China's second largest and the world's top ten non-wafer factory chip design enterprises, which owns ant pool, ant mine machine, BTC and other multi-brand business. Ant Pool AntPool is the world's second largest digital currency mining platform, providing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other digital currency mining services, and support PPS, PPS, PPLNS, SOLO, and other payment methods, with many currencies, high returns, good stability, professional team, easy-to-use advantages of long-term stability in the world.

IOTA (MIOTA), Nebulas (NAS), Dogecoin (DOGE)

The popular video with the hashtag "DOGE Shake Challenge" has attracted more than half a million views and uses the classic pull-up slogan "Let's get rich together!" DOGE is very cheap now. Jitter has 800 million users. Now it's only $25 per person, and when the DOGE price rises to $1, the $25 investment becomes $10,000. Tell your friends to move together! "

Under this framework, there are several settlement methods for the mine pool. At present, the main settlement methods for Bitcoin pools are FPPS and PPS Plus. In addition, PPS, PPLNS and so on have been the mainstream distribution of the industry. Below, let's introduce each one.

Now the FPPS and PPS plus earnings, the mine pool has a certain operating space, so if the mine pool less digging, or deliberately less calculation, and then low handling fees are also white.

PPS settlement method.

PPS settlement method.

Because the value of each DOGE asset is low, at $0.0025, the purchase of "10,000 shares" of "shares" may turn into $10,000 if the asset reaches $1 per share.

According to the data, the DOGE wallet at the beginning of DMsB at 22:26:21 on June 29, 2019 to the DOGE wallet address beginning with DKzL transferred a total of 38708066.68033473 DOGE, or about $1676.87216 million.

The mine pool is where we put the calculation force together to improve the probability of digging into the block. Block rewards are then allocated according to the proportion of contribution calculation. So how is it distributed? There is some learning in this. In this paper, we talk about the common four income settlement models: PPLNS, PPS, PPS plus, FPPS.

"The PPS distributes the theoretical gains calculated by the miners based on their share of the overall force pool, where the risk that may arise from the lucky value is transferred to the pool."

During the event, the DOGE to the Gunpowlow Global Station can be divided into 6 million DOGEs by dogE net top-up during the event (DOGE net top-ups - DOGE top-ups - DOGE withdrawals).

OKEx launched DOGEcoin (DOGE) on July 17, Hong Kong time, and doGE Recharge was launched at 17:00 HKT on the same day. In addition, the platform will be launched on July 18 at 17:00 DOGE/USDK, DOGE/USDT trading pairs.

Come and help me [Doge][Doge]

Come and help me [Doge][Doge]

Dog Coin (DOGE) Resistance and Support Level 1 Resistance Level $0.001900 Second Resistance Level $0.001935 Third Resistance Level $0.001962 First Support Level $0.0018382 Second Support Level $0.00181113 Support Level $0.001776.

As we described at the beginning, the PPS pool eliminates mining differences for its miners. As a result, bad luck hurts the pool, good luck favours the pool, and miners are never affected. The only worry for miners is that if a pool goes bust, they won't be able to get the pending payments and go through a stoppage until they switch to a new pool.

PPS-plus mode.

PPS-plus mode.

According to DigiFinex, it will open DOGE recharge at 15:00 on April 26 and open pick-up at 18:00, synchronously launching DOGE/USDT, DOGE/ETH trading pairs. (DigiFinex)