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In this case, the script attempts to download the browser.jpg file from the infected third-party site. It's easy to get confused by the .jpg extension, which actually uses cmd.exe/c.

To download and start the mining program, the script downloads different mining programs from multiple addresses and stores them in different paths, as follows.

Scripts that incorporate community feedback on up to six suggestions are finalized, and the script author sends an upgrade action guide and a script download link message.

Download and decrypt the second stage script.

Download and decrypt the second stage script.

The internal security team found a security incident in which an infected host triggered a security alert to download a malicious Powershell script (160001).

Asruex infects the system through a shortcut file that has a PowerShell download script that is propagation through removable drivers and network drivers. The following image shows the chain of infection of malware. script relies on the opensl instruction to generate the secp256k1 private key, and if the download from GitHub fails, you can try the following mirror address.

dogecoin script download

dogecoin script download

Markdeep is open source, so you can download and modify the source code file markdeep.js directly. The entire editor is a JavaScript script that defines the various formats and rendering methods. The author says he is currently working on how to effectively reduce the size of script files.

Download and launch SLUB loader's PowerShell script.

If you download the script and read it, you'll find that the installation process is only three steps long.

During the analysis, it is easy to see that the code uses the Windows Script Host feature to download external files, execute them, and then delete them.

First, download the malicious script from a remote server named tudodebom.

Script download (via curl) and download the list of two properties to the . . . Library / LaunchAgents directory.

Next, the main script generates a unique user and system ID to collect information about the macOS version. Based on this data, generate get query parameters and download the ZIP file.

time="2019-03-29 13:51:31" level=INFO msg="Starts to download task script..."time="2019-03-29 13:51:31" level=INFO msg="Script downloaded successfully." time="2019-03-29 13:51:32" level=INFO msg="Starts to install packages from 'requirements.txt'..."time="2019-03-29 13:51:38" level=INFO msg="Packages installed successfully." time="2019-03-29 13:51:38" level=INFO msg="Starts to download data resource..."time="2019-03-29 13:51:49" level=INFO msg="Data resource downloaded successfully." time="2019-03-29 13:51:49" level=INFO msg="Starts to execute script..."time="2019-03-29 13:53:04" level=INFO msg="Script is executed"time="2019-03-29 13:53:04" level=INFO msg="The result of Task (0x180Fa0079510ABec5829dcACdC5bDcCde9009216) has been executed by Worker (0xa9722f52559eE32136807A15E07808A6DDd4248A)."

Malware uses a smaller script in Figure 8 to trigger a download of the larger webinject, which is loaded into the browser as if it were normal content. The script will hxxps://webcoremetrics from . . . com/wbj/att/download webinject file ATT.js. The downloaded webinject is 43kb, almost 100 times the original injection script, and allows the threat actor full control over the content of the web pages displayed by the browser. The configuration section of this webinject, shown in Figure 9, details some of its features and is annotated by the threat actor.

The URL is replaced. The script accesses a malicious URL to download and execute the URSNIF malware.

A custom version of utility, and a mixture of other scripts that take advantage of Windows tools to get data from local machines and pass it to the CnC server. The script may also download additional payloads. We've observed that this PowerShell script sends information such as the script version, the MAC address of the virtual machine, and the type of antivirus software version on the machine.