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The graphics card layout is on the upscale: this year's graphics card has had some upsides compared to Bitcoin. ETH's DAG size will be 4G in the second half of this year, when 4G graphics cards will be phased out, and more than 4G graphics cards that can continue mining will receive excess revenue. Some miners are already gradually increasing the layout of graphics cards. However, the current graphics card market to second-hand card flow as the core, because the new card and second-hand cost-effective difference is still very obvious.

dogecoin graphics card

dogecoin graphics card

Xiangsheng gtx 660 ti and King Kong version of 2g d5 core frequency up to 1020mhz, graphics card 2gb/192bit memory configuration is not low, the ability to protect graphics card excellent 1344 cuda in the game all play the strength, graphics card also supports the latest dx11.1 special effects display.

Lin Zijing, sales manager of The View graphics card direct supply platform, said that this year ETH graphics card mining will face 4G to 8G, which is not only a new test for graphics miners, but also a new opportunity. For video card manufacturers, 8G and above graphics cards will be snapped up by the market, and from the recent rise in graphics prices, you can also see the miners' confidence in the video card mining and increased demand. Therefore, for the graphics card mining, the scenery is confident, will also increase cooperation with the spider mine pool, increase the investment of the graphics card mining machine. As a strategic partner of Spider Mine Pool, we will work together to share our resources and technical advantages and keep up with the trend.

"In Huaqiang North, more than half of the graphics dealers tried to mine themselves." Hou Beichuan, who runs a graphics card business in north China, recalls. After the video card mining boom, he also invested in the development and production of graphics card mining machines.

At present, the mainstream Ethereum mining graphics card or 4G graphics card, these graphics cards because of the increasing number of DAG files, if not upgraded, will be out of the market by the end of 2020. In fact, these graphics cards are slowly going wrong.

Graphics card - mainstream mining graphics card models are AMD series graphics RX470, RX570, RX580, Nvidia series graphics card GTX1060, GTX1070 and so on, memory recommended to choose more than 4G, the best 8G.

After all, graphics mining is not a new concept, before Ethereum can use universal graphics card mining, Zcash can also use graphics card mining.

▊: I learned that BCD is using graphics card mining, graphics card mining what characteristics, BCD why choose graphics card mining.

Based on our quiz, we found that IndyCard graphics cards are best suited for artificial intelligence computing. One machine is equipped with a 61080Ti graphics card with a single graphics card calculation force of 7514GFLOP/S.

Integrated graphics card used to refer to the motherboard integrated image processing module, Intel in the past introduced the G31 and G41 chipset is like this, CPU is simply CPU, motherboard with a small graphics card, but because of the low performance of the graphics card, the penetration rate is very low. This is now the graphics card that is included with the motherboard after the APU platform of the AMD platform.

Miracle Mole provides users with a graphics card overclocking template that supports most models of graphics cards on the market, and your graphics card will run in an overclocked state when mining with the one-click overclocking feature of Miracle Mole.

Graphics card operations.

Graphics card operations.

In fact, on the whole. Mining is actually performance competition, equipment competition, by a very large number of graphics card composed of mining machines, even if only HD6770 such low-end graphics card, "group" after the computing power can still surpass most users of single graphics card. And this is not the most terrible, some mining machines are more such a graphics array, dozens or even hundreds of graphics cards together, the graphics card itself is also money, including hardware prices and other costs, mining there is a considerable expenditure.

Operating system - windows suggest that win10 system, corresponding to the nvidia series and amd series of graphics cards can identify up to 8 cards, if the 12-card motherboard needs nkaa card mixed mining to make full use of the motherboard graphics card slot, linux system theoretically does not limit the number of graphics card recognition, but it has a higher learning cost than windows system.

"High-end graphics card sales compared with previous years increased a lot, many customers buy high-end graphics card is to "mine." "In Fuzhou Dali Jiacheng operating computer accessories sales Mr. Fang told reporters that their store sales suitable for digging "mine" graphics card from 3000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the better the graphics card, "mining" when the more advantages.

However, whenever the price of digital currencies plummeted, miners who could not afford the high cost of selling graphics cards directly disrupted the graphics market. All mines are 24 hours non-stop mining, graphics card 24 hours a day non-stop high-load operation, directly affect the second-hand graphics card players, you can imagine, players buy second-hand graphics card at a high price, but frequent failures, really can be said to have suffering words.

The price of graphics card is stable, with an average price change of -4.46%. The price of graphics card in the demand side by the impact of the miners group tend to weaken, this month eight sample graphics card prices are basically stable, only two down, the average price decreased by 4.46%;