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To spend Bitcoin we need an address that contains Bitcoin and a private key that allows us to spend money. We will import the WIF version of the private key. WIF is Wallet Import.

import private key dogecoin wallet

import private key dogecoin wallet

After the successful creation of the wallet click "Back up now", FO wallet using private key backup, private key is composed of 51 letters and numbers in case, private key is very important, important to what extent? Whoever gets your wallet's private key, you can import it into your wallet with complete control over all the assets in your wallet. It can be described as "the private key of the world." So, focus: Be sure to back up your private key.

cleos wallet import -n my (account private key)

Import YAS account private key and create wallet

Import YAS account private key and create wallet

Add a green "Import Private Key" button, complete the import, the original wallet information and assets are entered into the new wallet.

Next, be sure to save your mn word and private key (for wallet import, retrieval, etc.) and click "CONTINUE" to create your ONT wallet.

To import an existing wallet, enter the private key and reset your password, click RESTORE to import your existing ONT wallet.

4, click on "Ethereum Wallet", enter the "Import ETEREUM Wallet" interface, the import method can choose keystore, mnometry, private key and so on.

If the address is forgotten, import your wallet back with your private key, monemone, Keystore, and password.

Fixed a bug that invalidated the qitmeer-wallet private key import command.

Onchain wallet transactions can be queried on the blockchain, user participation in transactions are not affected by the wallet, the user own private key support monemone, import private key and other functions.

Use the cleos create key to generate the private key, and then import the wallet with the cleos wallet import -n , the wallet name , the private-key , and your private key , and import the wallet as an alternate.

Create an account import account: support private key import, keystore file import connection hardware wallet.

First, download the TokenPocket wallet and import the private key of the EOS.